Statement on the outcome of the EU Referendum

Having campaigned to remain in the EU, as you can imagine I was very disappointed with the result. We have seen all the arguments over the past few months and I decided that for me, on balance, that it wasn’t worth the risk, but of course the electorate decided differently and I respect that completely. It is right that we had the referendum and it is my duty to represent the interests of everyone, irrespective of the way they voted.

I think it is fair to say that this decision may bring uncertainty for a while and there are a lot of new steps and negotiations to be made over a long period of time. However, we have to remember that as a country, we are still leading at a global level, we are on good economic footing and most importantly we have the chance to make the best out of this situation for future generations.

David Cameron has been a brilliant Prime Minister and has done so many good things for our country and although I respect his decision to resign, I will be very sad to see him go. Now, we need a strong and capable leader to negotiate the coming changes and lead with the same competence and rigour that David has shown over the past six years as our Prime Minister.

As a Member of Parliament I remain committed to doing everything I can to protect our jobs and economy, as well as representing the people of Watford. I think it is important to keep looking forward and personally see this as my role in the coming months.

I understand that some of those who wished to remain in the EU would like to see a second referendum or for Parliament to prevent this vote coming into force, but I think it would be wrong and undemocratic for any elected politician to refuse to carry forward a decision made by those we are elected to represent. Please remember I am saying this from the point of the view that I campaigned for the opposite outcome.

Our country has decided to leave the EU and we have to accept that. Our role now is to take this as an opportunity to ensure that the steps we take forward from hereon are the most beneficial to our country and to get the best possible deal for our country in the negotiations to come.